• Opening hours at Easter

    The museum has the following opening hours during Easter:

    • Maundy Thursday: 10 - 20
    • Good Friday - 1st Easter day: closed
    • Monday 2nd Easter Day: 10 - 17

    Our Maker Space is always open when the museum is open, it's free to sit down here to make something - and you do not have to buy a ticket to visit the museum shop or Maker Space!

  • Kim Skytte and intern Sondre Sætaberget

    As a final part of the bachelor's program in art history at UiT Norway's Arctic University, Sondre Sætaberget spends 50 hours here at the museum. Sondre will be accompanied by the registrar and archivist, Kim Skytte and curator Rebecca Byram.

  • Jan Groth was one of the most important Norwegian artists in recent times and a good friend of the North Norwegian Art Museum. Groth was generous and shared his own art. In addition to donating several of his own works to the North Norwegian Art Museum and other institutions, he highlighted and introduced us to new artists through collaborations and group exhibitions as well as donations of other artists' works.


  • NNKMS ansatte i skapeverkstedet



  • Peter Sheppard Skærved spiller


  • Ansatte ved Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum


  • Formidlingsleder Ingrid Skovgaard og museumstekniker Øystein Oldervoll


  • Direktør Jérémie McGowan presenterer Sámi Dáiddamusea på MuseumNext