• European premiere of Raven Chacon’s Voiceless Mass: A concert with works by Raven Chacon and Elina Waage Mikalsen 

    Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, in collaboration with Arktisk Filharmoni and Bodø 2024, is proud to present a unique concert in Bodø Cathedral featuring Ravon Chacon’s Pulitzer Prize-winning composition, Voiceless Mass, as part of the exhibition, Raven Chacon: A Worm’s Eye View from a Bird’s Beak.  

  • Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum has invited Candice Hopkins to present the fourth iteration of The Butterfly Effect. Can Small Shifts in Museum Practice Generate Seismic Change Across our Societies? with a talk titled New Models: Non-Colonial Institutions.  

    Date: 19 March, 2024, 3–4 pm 
    Location: Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Romsa/Tromsø 
    The talk will take place in English 

    Video recording here


  • Welcome to Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum's second event in the series “The Butterfly Effect. Can small shifts in museum practice generate seismic change across our societies?” We have invited The artist, Rafiki to give a talk titled "Sheltering OURstories: Between colonial amnesia and Ancestral memory restitution in the museum"

  • We strongly condemn the killing of Israeli and Palestinian civilians taking place in the Middle East.

  • Please join Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum for the inauguration of the new and evolving series The Butterfly Effect: Can Small Shifts in Museum Practice Generate Seismic Change Across our Societies? with a talk by writer and curator Laura Raicovich.


    The dissertation is about practices at art museums in Norway analysed from the perspectives of institutional critique, feminism and decoloniality.

  • This summer we have daily* guided tours of our two exhibitions, and in the SKAPEverkstedet (Makerspace) you'll find one of our skilled museum hosts who have new activities every day that are suitable for everyone. It's free to sit down in the SKAPEverkstedet, whether you want to join in the day's activity or just do your own thing. You'll find almost anything you can think of to create something here. We also have sewing machines that are ideal for repairing a garment or two.

    The museum follows regular opening hours during the summer, including long opening on Thursdays. 

  • Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum has appointed Veronica Aasgrav Evertsen as Deputy Director. She will start the new position on 1 September 2023.

    Veronica Aasgrav Evertsen. Photo: David Jensen

  • Interview with Katya García-Antón, the director of the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø 2023. 

    By Marion Bouvier, Hakapik

    Following a couple of troubled years after the museum board fired former director Jérémie McGowan in 2020, the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum finally got a new director and chief curator on board in august 2022. The museums choice landed on Katya García-Antón, a 56-year-old British-Spanish art historian and curator.