The board

The board of Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum 2016 -2019
Sissel Knutsen Hegdal, (chairperson), lawyer, appointed by the Ministry of Culture (MC), Stavanger
Svein Aamold, professor, Arctic University, appointed by MC, Tromsø                                                                                                                  
Elisabeth Johansen, publisher, appointed by MC, Stamsund
Kristin Tårnes, artist, representative from the artist unions, NNBK/NKNN, Tromsø
Trine Noodt, artist, representative from SKINN, Alta
Kim G. Skytte, representative chosen by the employees, NNKM, Tromsø

Deputy representatives
Anni Skogmann, 1st deputy MC, Tromsø
Roar Dons, 2nd deputy MC, Tromsø
Line Fusdahl, 3d deputy MC, Tromsø
Inger Blix Kvammen, deputy the artist unions, NNBK/NKNN, Tromsø
Hanne Kristin Jakhelln, deputy representative from SKINN, Tromsø
Cathrine Steene, deputy representative chosen by the employees, NNKM, Tromsø