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Sámi Shelters av Joar Nango

Stimuli 6


Stimuli is an exhibition program with focus on our newly acquired artworks.

Fra utstilling, Watch Out - an angry stone. Foto: NNKM / Kim Skytte

Watch Out - an Angry Stone


This exhibition explores artworks from the museum's collection in a span from the 19th century until today, depicting sceenerisfrom Svalbard in the North to Japan in the East.

Fjellet, stillbilde fra videoverk av Svein Flygari Johansen



The starting point for the works is the idea itself. The problematization of the idea determines which language, medium and technique to use.

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Opening hours at Easter

Opening hours at Easter

The museum has the following opening hours during Easter:

Kim Skytte and intern Sondre Sætaberget

Meet our intern, Sondre

As a final part of the bachelor's program in art history at UiT Norway's Arctic University, Sondre Sætaberget spends 50 hours here at the museum. Sondre will be accompanied by the registrar and archivist, Kim Skytte and curator Rebecca Byram.

Jan Groth in memory

Jan Groth was one of the most important Norwegian artists in recent times and a good friend of the North Norwegian Art Museum. Groth was generous and shared his own art.