Exhibition opening in Murmansk
Fredag, 11. mars 2016 - 19:00

An update on the touring exhibition " Возвращение Красной Армии/ The Withdrawal of the Red Army / 
Den røde armés tilbaketrekning".

From Kirkenes to Murmansk..

We swept through Kirkenes in a matter of four days, during Barents Spektakel 10-14 February 2016. More than a hundred visitors each day. Aleksei Jankowski returned from St. Petersburg to screen 'Kirkenes Ethics', a film about his father, Igor Diakonov, a renowned Russian scholar, who kept things in order during the last year of World War II in Kirkenes. We showed the original print of the 'Kirkenes Ethics' text, which was published in the magazine 'Znanie i Sila' Nr. 6, 1989.
An extensive 700 m2 were at our disposal, and with the exhibition design by Glafira Severianova, the abandoned Coop store became an exhibition space.

We are excited to launch a beta version of 'The Withdrawal of the Red Army' FPS based on localities of the Coop store. 

Please follow the link to watch the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aa0lbOPBQqg
Windows users have the possibility to download the .rar file of the game (80 mb) following this Dropbox link: http://tinyurl.com/hdbv4fz

Other platforms to be announced later.

At 19.00 p.m. March 11 we have the pleasure of opening the show in Murmansk, which marks the return of the exhibition project to the place where it was conceived. For the occasion we have opened a new exhibition space - "Ч9" Gallery. Two other locations in the city will be used, Ivan Galuzin’s childhood home and an artist studio. Both customised for the purpose. A map will guide the visitors on their journey.

From 1937 Vasilij Baranov (1912-1978) served in the Northern Fleet for 19 years and also worked as a scenic designer at the Northern Fleet Theatre and as a camouflage artist during World War II. We are very proud to include works by Baranov in the Murmansk part of the project, kindly made available by his family. A watercolor from 1945 shows a goat tied to a fence in a large field of grass. Some wooden houses in the background huddle against the foot of the hills. In 2016 this is the busy centre of Murmansk, Cheluskintsev street, the place where you can find our gallery. 
Other paintings by Baranov with motifs from Polyarny, where he served his duty, will be included in the show.

The exhibition lasts until 3 April, after which it travels to Arkhangelsk, the second port of the Arctic Convoys, from 15.04 to 08.05.2016.

The curatorial team of the exhibition "Возвращение Красной Армии / The Withdrawal of the Red Army / Den røde armés tilbaketrekning".

The project is initiated by Norwegian-Russian artist and curator Ivan Galuzin and produced in collaboration with Northern Norway Art Museum’s curator Lise Dahl. Co-curated by Glafira Severianova.
With support from BarentsKult, Arts Council Norway, Office of Contemporary Art Norway, Fritt Ord Foundation and General Consulate of Norway in Murmansk.