Guided tour in the exhibition "A Worm's Eye View from A Bird's Beak" (in English)
Søndag, 26. mai 2024 - 14:0015:00

Experience "A Worm's Eye View from A Bird's Beak" exhibition.
During this tour, participants can actively engage in the exhibition with our art mediator and develop a deeper connection with the artworks on display.

After the presentation concludes, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the museum's attic and view the third part of the artwork, "...the sky ladder" (2024).
Please note that the attic is not a regulated viewing area and can only be accessed via a steep staircase. Due to limited space, only five visitors can enter at a time, which may result in a short wait.

Meet up at the reception. Our art mediator will take you along. 

You can read more about "A Worm's Eye View from A Bird's Beak" here:


Foto: Kim G. Skytte