Current exhibitions

Kunstverk. Tegning av en havfugl med tre hoder og isblå øyne tegnet med blyant og kull. En tynn,tydelig rød linje danner horisontlinjen.

Ingunn Utsi: "I am what I have done"

Upcoming / Tromsø

Solo exhibition with the Norwegian Sámi artist Ingunn Utsi, winner of the John Savio Award 2023.

Bildet viser 4 personer med samiske folkedrakter som står med ryggen til hverandre ved en elv

Raven Chacon - "A Worm’s Eye View from A Bird’s Beak"


Working across classical composition, Indigenous musical traditions, experimental sound and the visual arts, Navajo Diné artist and musician Raven Chacon uses the concept of the art score to find different forms for engaged action.

Layers of Time - Everyday Life in Svalbard


Three generations, with connections to Svalbard in different ways, meet through their different artistic expressions. Can we learn anything from the old photographs?

Drawing Out


«Drawing Out»  is an exhibition produced by Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum that shows works from the museum's collection.

Welcome to European premiere of Raven Chacon’s "Voiceless Mass" in Bodø Cathedral

European premiere of Raven Chacon’s Voiceless Mass: A concert with works by Raven Chacon and Elina Waage Mikalsen 

The Butterfly Effect #4 Candice Hopkins

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum has invited Candice Hopkins to present the fourth iteration of The Butterfly Effect. Can Small Shifts in Museum Practice Generate Seismic Change Across our Societies? with a talk titled New Models: Non-Colonial Institutions.  

The Butterfly Effect # 2: Rafiki

Welcome to Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum's second event in the series “The Butterfly Effect.

The attacks on civilians must stop

We strongly condemn the killing of Israeli and Palestinian civilians taking place in the Middle East.

The Butterfly Effect: Laura Raicovich on Cultivating Cultural Infrastructure

Please join Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum for the inauguration of the new and evolving series The Butterfly Effect: Can Small Shifts in Museum Practice Generate Seismic Change Across our Societies? with a talk by writer and curator Laura Raicovich.