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Gába – female resilience


In response to the gender and Indigenous gaps in the collection, Gába presents works by living women artists with strong roots in Sápmi.



Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum’s collection belongs to everyone. Who are the artists represented, what stories do they tell?

Åsne Kummene Mellem, Kaksikymmentäkolme eksperimentia (2019-2020)


Nordover - Longyearbyen

"Dilemma" presents works by contemporary artists who actualize how nature and man stand in a relationship of dependence on each other.

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Address: Sjøgata 1, Tromsø

Towards a museum for the 22nd Century: A conversation with Katya García-Antón

Interview with Katya García-Antón, the director of the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø 2023. 

By Marion Bouvier, Hakapik

Katya García-Antón at The Sámi Pavilion. Photo by Michael Miller / OCA

Artic on Top 100!

Based on the comprehensive work behind the historic transformation of the Nordic Pavilion into The Sámi Pavilion during her time at OCA, director at NNKM, Katya García-Antón, has been nominated by the art magazine Monopol's Top 100 list at 58th place among the art world's most influential names.<

Congratulations to Riddo Duottar Museum

We congratulate Riddo Duottar Museum on the funding boost in this year's state budget for planning a new Sámi Art Museum. This is an important step for Sápmi, as the museum will be a home for the powerful Sámi collection it has been building over decades.