Artic on Top 100!

Katya García-Antón at The Sámi Pavilion. Photo by Michael Miller / OCA

Based on the comprehensive work behind the historic transformation of the Nordic Pavilion into The Sámi Pavilion during her time at OCA, director at NNKM, Katya García-Antón, has been nominated by the art magazine Monopol's Top 100 list at 58th place among the art world's most influential names.

It is with pleasure that we see that collaborations with Indigenous artists and their perspectives over many years highlighted by The Sámi Pavilion is celebrated. 

Next to prestigious international figures such as Glenn D. Lowry (director of MoMA, NY), Hans Ulrich Obrist (director of Serpentine Gallery, London and Ai Weiwei (artist/activist), the selection of Katya García-Antón (now working from the northern most art museum in the world) is the only institutional Nordic name on this year’s list.  It is also a signal that the focus on Sámi and Indigenous art and artist is not only relevant for the informed few, or the peoples in our region. We all need to value and centre the knowledges and concerns of Indigenous perspectives. 

Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum is a rooted and situated institution serving a vast expanse of communities and lands. It strives to decolonially transform our structures and programmes. It is dedicated to advocate for and present the complex stories of the north, Sámi, Norwegian, Kven and Diasporic, to reducing the gender and other gap in the collection, empower the diverse communities of the north through exhibitions and collaborations in both the circle polar region but also around the world. 

Having a director and chief curator that is internationally seen for this trail of thoughts gives us strength to work harder to reach inwards and outwards. 

Thank you Monopol for this recognition!


From Monopol Magazin, Top 100 list 2022

Monday 19. December 2022