Admission fee at the museum

Thursday 06. December 2018
Ansatte ved Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum

Starting January 1st, 2019, visitors will have to pay 80 NOK in admission fee at Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum. Everyone under the age of 18 and students will be given admission free of charge. All events, like openings, concerts artist talks, and workshops will be free. We will also offer an annual pass for 400 NOK.

We decided to do this to become an even better museum for the public. Revenue from tickets give us a VAT-exemption on expenses relating to visitor services, so every krone earned will be multiplied in deductions. All revenue from ticket sales will be channelled directly into public centred activities. We have many areas of improvement, and increased revenue will help us be better.

Increased ticket revenue is encouraged by the Norwegian government, and most other cultural institutions made this change back in 2010.

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Admission fee at the museum

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