"Our Arctic Archive" shows works by the artist duo Ramona Salo Myrseth and Katarina Skår Lisa.

The exhibition is shown at:
Nordover, Vei 225-2, Longyearbyen.

The works in the exhibition were created during a stay on Svalbard in 2021. Artistic research was done through dialogue with people, movement in nature, and documentation of the landscape. These Arctic experiences were archived through work with linocuts on textile and paper, video, and photography. The Sámi musician and joiker Lávre Johan Eira has composed the soundtrack of the exhibition.

Salo Myrseth and Skår Lisa are independent artists, but in their collaborative projects they poetically explore their Sea Sámi background. Their work tells a story about their heritage and their contemporaneity. It is a dialogue about profounding political issues emerging from the experience of colonialism for both Nordic and Sámi societies today, such as right to land and culture. They are concerned with creating artworks in relation to ecology, culture, care, and nature.

Salo Myrseth is educated as a clothing designer from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. As a craftsman, duojár, designer, and storyteller, she investigates materials, texture, and cultural and personal memory.

Skår Lisa is educated in choreography from Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and in dance, performance, and movement art from, among others, the Artness School of Movement and its Performance in Ein Shemer, Israel. Her work crosses between stage art and performance art. In particular she investigates the connection between nature, culture, and humans.

“Our Arctic Archive” was initiated and produced by Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum and all the works are sourced from the museum's collection. Curator of the exhibition is Lise Dahl.

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Curator Lise Dahl
Photo: Tom Warner
Head of mediation Astrid Rotvold Nilsen
+47 98692741