Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum congratulates Norske Grafikere (Norwegian Graphic Artist Union) with their 100-year jubilee! To celebrate, we present Imprints, a wide presentation of graphic arts from our collection. The standing and popularity of graphic arts has varied greatly since the union was founded in 1919. Focusing on northern artists, this exhibition will explore a wide variety of techniques and expressions.

Historical overview
We present the history of graphic arts, starting with Rolf Nesch's prints from theatre life on the road in Northern Norway and Anna-Eva Bergman's non-figurative art from the 1950s. The golden age of Norwegian graphic arts was the radical 70s, here seen primarily in the politicised art of the GRAS collective.

Both art, print plates and tools are on display

Present artists include both veterans of the medium, like Arnold Johansen and Are Andreassen, and a new generation returning to analogue methods from video and digital installations, like Mattias Härenstam and Tom Stian Kosmo.

Herleik and Knut
We have made extra room for the talented work of Herleik Kristiansen, made in cooperation with Knut Fjørtoft. At the age of 16, Kristiansen moved to Trastad Gård, the first institution for mentally disabled children in Northern Norway. Faced with many challenges, he started his life-long artistic career at the institution. Fjørtoft, who passed away in 2017, is also represented with the work Petrarommet.


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