The North is a place both real and imagined, made up of a diversity of peoples, landscapes and stories. Some images of the North are by visitors to the region, who give us fleeting impressions of the lifestyles and environments that may be found there. Other images are by the peoples who call the North home, and who share with us aspects of the area’s subtleties and sensibilities. What is North, what has it been, and what might it be in the future?

This is the basis of the exhibition Images of the North, which joins the Arctic Philharmonic on a nine day tour of Japan. We greatly appreciate beeing invited on board to promote the vibrant art scene of Northenr Norway. Our director,  Jérémie McGowan will follow the exhibition and introduce it in connection with the six concerts by the Arctic Philharmonic.

This selection of works is focused on images connected to Northern Norway, dating from the later 1800s to today. We see different versions of Northern Norway here, ranging from historical paintings of north Norwegian landscapes to contemporary pieces by internationally established artists who come from the region. Together, these works invite us to reflect further about what and where the North might be for each of us today.    


Jérémie McGowan
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