Jan Groth in memory

Fredag 04. mars 2022

Jan Groth was one of the most important Norwegian artists in recent times and a good friend of the North Norwegian Art Museum. Groth was generous and shared his own art. In addition to donating several of his own works to the North Norwegian Art Museum and other institutions, he highlighted and introduced us to new artists through collaborations and group exhibitions as well as donations of other artists' works.

Groth's works and donations have been included in several of our exhibitions over the years. These days, the exhibition Drawing sets the course for several stops in Finnmark. There, the audience will be able to see works by Groth himself, as well as works he has donated to the collection of artists Inger Johanne Grytting and Beth Wyller.

We are pleased that in the years to come, the museum will continue to keep Groth's art alive for the public in the north.

Thanks for the art, Jan.

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