Non-binary Body: Movement Practice/Workshop I

Mandag, 9. september 2019 - 13:0016:00
Promo non-binary body

Dasha Che and Marina Shamova, two gender-queer dance educators and performance artists, are coming to Tromsø this September to talk about the practice of queer and feminist resistance as experienced directly by them in present-day St. Petersburg. They will also try to help us get in touch with our gender identity and who we are at the core, through our body, during a two-day workshop.

During 'Non-binary Body: Movement Practice/Workshop' Dasha and Marina will teach us how to acquire awareness of the presently established set of movement patterns and how to mindfully create a set of new ones. The workshop will be exploring how are we influenced by societies we live in and how that translates into the way we move and carry ourselves socially. Dasha and Marina are also keen on creating safe-space for anyone under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

Please note that RSVP is required to attend. To register, please follow the link and fill in your information. Recommended participant age 17+. Due to a limited number of participants per event, the registration will be on a first-come-first-serve basis. Participation in both days of the workshop is not obligatory but it is preferable.

Practical info
The workshop is free for all. No previous experience in dancing/ body movement workshops is needed. More experienced participants may be offered some more advanced exercises. Please show up 15 minutes before the start of the workshop and present yourself at the reception to be guided to the workshop room.


More about the artists:
Dasha Che is a queer transnational performance artist. They are a graduate of Flying Actor Studio and the University of California, Berkeley. Dasha uses art to engage audiences into meaningful and challenging conversations on gender, race, privileges, access, nationality, and ability. As a dance artivist and organizer, they are committed to creating accessible art spaces that uplift and empower those who have been previously silenced. Dasha has been facilitating movement practice and creating art spaces for different communities across the USA, El Salvador, Finland, Ukraine, Bielorussia, and Russia. They are the founder of 'Telaboratoria', a dance and theater improvisation program based in St. Petersburg that aims at healing and empowering the LGBTQ youth.

Marina Shamova is a performer, dancer, and researcher. Marina holds degrees from Institute of Design, Applied Art and Humanitarian Education, St. Petersburg, Vaganova Ballet Academy and School of Engaged Art 'Chto Delat', St. Petersburg. They are a tutor of movement practice for children with special needs at the Jewish Community Centre YESOD, St. Petersburg. Marina has organized and hosted a number workshops, such as 'Performative Actions In Spaces Which We Share With Others' and 'Queer Hip-Hop', as well as created numerous dance research performances, among which are 'Collective Body of Interhearing', 'Transition', 'Co-production of Space'. They are also a lyric writer and a performer of the musical co-op TechnoPoetry / ТехноПоэзия.