This summer's exhibition at The Hamsund Centre is inspired by Hamsun's interests in nerve activity, moods and odd behaviour. We contribute visual art to this innovative exhibition at Hamarøy in Nordland county.

From the early days of his literary breakthrough in  1890, Hamsun was a writer with a strong interest in the inner workings of the human mind. He was especially curious about the modern man's psychological oddities and maintained this interest throughout his life. Many visual artists have the same focus, and that is the core of this summer's exhibition at The Hamsun Centre. Contemporary art from our collection meets a selection of texts by Hamsun. The visual art and the literature are equal, meeting each other in different dialogues.

From the exhibition.

Can the poetry of Hamsun's texts bring new perspectives to the artworks? Can visual art open up new understandings of Hamsun's literature? Come, see, listen, read, experience and find your answers!

The following artists are represented:
Bjarne Holst
Børre Sæthre
Espen Gangvik
Gabriel Kvendseth 
Hanne Friis
Håkon Bleken
Inger Sitter
Iver Jåks
Marit Følstad
Roar Werner Eriksen
Åse Dommersnes


Tiina Portti, curator
+47 951 54 691