Inger Johanne Grytting: Extensions marks the first comprehensive look at her artistic practice. The exhibition presents a large portion of her work, which spans from early figurative oil paintings to more recent abstract drawings and paintings. In these later works the key element of expression is the use of line. In her drawings lines form a grid, creating a dialogue with the white surface of the paper. The lines are arranged in small groups forming various columns and rectangular shapes. In the exhibition the viewer will witness the transition from the figurative to the abstract in Grytting's body of work.

Grytting demonstrates an interest in a reduced form of expression and the possibilities provided by line. Grytting’s aesthetic preferences lie somewhere between Minimalism and Expressionism. The lines can be seen as traces and extensions of the artist’s inner landscape.

Inger Johanne Grytting was born in 1949 in Svolvær and has roots in Tromsø. Grytting moved from Northern Norway to New York City in 1972, where she resides today. For generations her Manhattan studio has served as a meeting place for visiting Norwegian artists and intellectuals. Her art represents a direct link between the original American art movements (Conceptual art and Minimalism) and the Norwegian art scene. Grytting also travels annually to this region and in doing so has maintained her close ties to Northern Norway. 


Charis Gullickson