Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum is always available online, but we try to offer even more during the COVID-19 crisis.  You can find digital experiences and inspiration several places. Our newest venture is videos about selected works from the exhibition Craft. Videos are published on social media and on Youtube, in Norwegian.

Our entire collection is freely available at the Norwegian museum resource Digital Museum. Here you'll find information about all our 2169 artworks. 87% has an image of the art, and we're working to improve that number.

NNKM on Digital Museum
NNKM on Digital Museum

There are several reasons for putting our collection online. Firstly, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum's collection isn't ours, it belongs to everyone. Digital accessibility opens the museum to research, schools, the curious, the art lovers and everyone else. When everyone can see what's in the collection, everyone can also see what's missing. In that way, we hope to democratise the museum and create a conversation about our role in Norwegian society.

We have made a digital exhibition on Google Arts and Culture, where you'll find over 100 older works from the collection. GAC is an excellent resource that contextualizes our collection with unique tools, especially in the mobile app. Here you'll also find great articles, collections and exhibitions from over 2000 museums worldwide, ideal for play, learning and being inspired by art.

A small taste of our offer at Google Arts and Culture

The museum also has its own app with extremely high resolution images of 7 iconic paintings from our collection. Here you'll be able to see details better than with the naked eye, and on two works you can dive deep into the details in our story mode. Go try it out!

Incredible zoom in our Second Canvas app
Incredible zoom in our Second Canvas app


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