This exhibition considers drawing in a broader sense, from the direct encounter between drawing tool and substrate and into a three-dimensional spatial context. We have let the drawing go on a journey – on a journey from the wall and into the room, into other techniques and between media, from figuration to abstraction, out into the world, into the forest, across cultures, both backwards and forwards in time, and into political statements.

“Drawing on tour” opened at the Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum in September 2021 and is now a traveling exhibition. It focuses on drawing as a form of expression, both in what we associate with the medium in the traditional sense - the craft-based, but also drawing out in the non-traditional, in the three-dimensional, or drawing conceived without any rules, where most things are allowed - or everything is drawing. The exhibition gives an insight into how differently the artists use the medium, whether they draw sketches or finished drawings, or let the drawing go out into the room. It also gives an insight into how a curator can think about an exhibition - that the exhibition can convey a thought or idea that drawing can really be everything.

In “Drawing on tour” you will find works by Iver Jåks, Beth Wyller, Jan Groth, Ragnhild Keyser, Kjell Varvin and Inger Johanne Grytting, among others.


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