Guided tour: Like Betzy & Han Roald som Betzy

Sunday, 16. February 2020 - 14:00
Han Roald som Betzy

Welcome to a very special guided tour on the last day of the exhibition Like Betzy. Curator Charis Gullickson gives you in-depth perspectives on the exhibition Like Betzy and the public outreach project Han Roald som Betzy.

On this very last exhibition day, we will ask a number of questions: What is the meaning of Han Roald as Betzy? Why is Betzy Akersloot-Berg a parenthesis in Norwegian art history? Why do male artists earn so much more than women?

Betzy reiste mye i Nord-Norge og malte. Her er hennes versjon av Nordkapp.
Betzy traveled and painted extensively in Northern Norway. Here is her version of Cape North.

We will discuss the project's focus on female representation in both art history and the public sphere, as well as today's lack of equality in the art world, locally, nationally and internationally. We give you the inside view of the idea and message of the public outreach project that started the "statue battle" in Tromsø.

Unfun facts in Like Betzy
Unfun facts in Like Betzy