Film screening and artist talk: «Cartographer»

Tuesday, 28. January 2020 - 19:3021:00
Still from Carthographer by Marek Ranis
Still from Carthographer by Marek Ranis

Welcome to a free film screening and conversation about one of the most important artists in the North – Hans Ragnar Mathisen.

Cartographer by Marek Ranis investigates the life and activism of Sámi artist and poet Hans Ragnar Mathisen. He has devoted his life, art and literary work to defending indigenous culture and the rights of indigenous people.

The film and artist talk that follows focus on how indigenous nations’ face dramatic changes in the environment while simultaneously striving to preserve their cultures and traditional lifestyles. Mathisen’s borderless maps of Sápmi serve as a guide through questions about migration, climate change, natural resources and exploration in the North.

7:30 pm Screening Cartographer (45 min)
8:15 pm Artist talk (in English)

 – Hans Ragnar Mathisen, artist, author, activist.
 – Marek Ranis, film director
 – Jérémie McGowan, director, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum
 – Julie Decker, director, Anchorage Museum

Free and open to all.